Here you can find some hints about what João Cerqueira is doing with his life at the moment.


  • Emviagem Group — a group of tourism related businesses;
  • Polygon — a startup focused on using biometrics for authentication.


  • Elixir — an awesome functional programming language for which he’s in love with;
  • Node.js — the go-to solution to do everything in the wrong way;
  • MongoDB — a fast, document-oriented that easily scales database;
  • PostgreSQL — a faster (relational) database that it’s hard to scale (horizontally at least).

He’s also work(ed) with other technologies such as React, React Native, Golang, Python, PHP and the list goes on. But he doesn’t plan to work with those professionally nor specialize in them so, don’t trouble to ask.


  • Elixir — of course;
  • Erlang — Erlang is the underlying language of Elixir and many stuff on Elixir still uses concepts and libraries written in Erlang, therefore he’s accepted the self-purposed endeavour of learning it as well;
  • BEAM — BEAM is the the virtual machine where Elixir/Erlang code runs on so it’s also an interesting topic to go deeper;
  • OTP — Last but not least, the Open Telecom Platform (OTP). It’s a set of modules and libraries used by most Elixir/Erlang applications to take advantage of the awesome capabilities those offer in terms of processes management, concurrency, etc. in a simple way without having to re-invent the wheel.

Last time this page was updated was on 2017-12-26.